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It is the suggestive size your food should be based on so many calories per day depending on how old you are and your size and need to be a good size too

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Q: What is the definition of serving size?
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How many servings are found in one package?

The number of servings in a package will vary because package size can vary, as does the definition of serving size which can be different with each product. Check the nutritional panel. It will list the serving size and how many are in the package.

What is the serving size of an onion?

what's the serving size of the onion

What is the serving size of Ritz Crackers?

5 ritz crackers is a serving size.

How do you find a serving size?

You find a serving size by looking at the nutrition label.

How can you convert 18lbs into one serving size?

no matter what you do, 18 pounds is not a serving size

What is seafood serving tools?

what are thew definition of sefood serving tools

The first place you need to look on the Nutrition Facts label is the serving size?

Serving Size.

What is the serving size for most fruit?

Well, depends on if the fruit likes to eat a BIG serving or LIL serving... Actually, one cup or one whole fruit is a serving size.

What is the definition of 'staffing'?

Serving as a member of an organization's staff.

How many calories does ELLIO'S pizza have?

230 per serving size. 1 serving size = 2 pieces.

Is There protein in coconut?

The serving size for Coconut is 1/4 shredded. There is 1 g of protein in this serving size.

Does the serving size tells you how much food is in the package?

No. The net weight or contents statement tells you that. The serving size is the portion of food on which the label's nutritional information is based. In the U.S., the nutritional panel also includes the number of servings (based on the stated serving size) that are in the package.