What is the definition of nappy?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Nappy is a nother word for messed up or trashy. (e.g.: Dang dogg yo hair is nappy as a mugg!) It can also mean to sleep for a short period of time. (e.g.: Im goin take me a nappy.)

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Q: What is the definition of nappy?
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What is the plural form for nappy?

The plural for nappy is nappies.

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What is the British term for diaper?

We brits call it a nappy.

What would the American call a baby's nappy?

A nappy in the US is a diper

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Nappy hair is not good. Nappy hair is hair that is very tangled and messy and is not very attractive. To avoid nappy hair, one should brush hair often and avoid situations which would cause this nappy hair. But it's all a matter of opinion really. It would depend on what you mean by "nappy". Some consider tightly coiled hair to be nappy hair and there is nothing wrong or bad with this hair trait as long as it it taken care of and managed like all hair types should be.

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