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A rushing yard is an important statistic in a football game. It is defined as any yard that is covered by a football player running with the ball in his arms.

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Q: What is the definition of a rushing yard?
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What is emmitt smith's rushing yard record?

18,355 Yards

How many career rushing yard does LaDainian Tomlinson have?

As of the end of the 2009 NFL season, he has 12,490 career rushing yards.

Who has Most rushing yard ever?

Emmitt Smith with 18,355 yards

How many rushing yard did Eli Manning have you super bowl?


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street yard

What is definition of junk yard?

The definition of a junk yard is obvious. It is a big yard where people let their junk or trash stay.

Who has most rushing yard record for a single game in NFL.?

Adrian Peterson

Who holds the record for the most 100 yard rushing games in a season?


Kansas City Chiefs 200 yard rushing games?

Christain Okeya

Who in college football has the most 100 yard rushing games?

hershall walker

What was roosevelt leaks single game rushing yard total?

350 yrds

Who has the most 200 yard rushing games in the nfl?

O.J. Simpson - 6