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Having spent over 18 years as a Navy Diver/ Saturation Diver and one who stays in pretty good touch with our community I take a shot at this. The answer is based on definition of dive.

The Navy has an armored diving system (ADS 2000) where the "diver" is kept at about sea level pressure and the suit is taking the water pressure. In 2006 this system was dove and certified to 2,000ft by Navy Chief Dan Jackson. No decompression required.

At the Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU), around '79, a dive team was placed under pressure in the land based "Ocean Simulation Facility" and pressurized to 1,800 feet of seawater (fsw). During the dive the men transferred from the dry chamber into a really big, lower chamber, filled with water, in diving gear. Decompression was about 20 days. The team included John Paul Johnston, Bo Burwell, Tommy Ostertag and a couple other men. I think Dave DeBolt incl.

In 1972, in open water (ocean), by a man exposed to 'ambient' pressure, the record was set at 1,010 fsw by a small team including Robert (Bobby) Cave, using the MK2 diving system. Decompression about 2 weeks.

By Patrick Hudnall USN Ret.

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Q: What is the deepest diver by a us navy diver?
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