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January 1st is when all thoroughbreds have their birthday.

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Q: What is the date when Thoroughbreds age?
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What horse breed has won the most Kentucky Derby's?

Only Thoroughbreds have won the Kentucky Derby because the race is only open to registered Thoroughbreds, age 3.

What are the two birthdays for thoroughbreds?

Thoroughbred horses are given a birthday of August 1st regardless of the actual birthdate to keep the age groups easily defined for race conditions. The second birthdate would be the actual born on date.

What is the average age of horses racing in Kentucky Derby?

Only 3 year old Thoroughbreds are allowed to run in the Kentucky Derby. No other age is allowed.

In HorseIsle where do you find Thoroughbreds?

You can find Thoroughbreds on grass.

Where do thoroughbreds originate from?

Thoroughbreds are a mix of breeds, really.

What is the Collective noun for a group of thoroughbred horses?

The collective noun is a bloodstock of thoroughbred horses, a stable of thoroughbreds, a string of thoroughbreds, a field of thoroughbreds.

What two dates are Thoroughbreds considered one year older?

I know that one of the dates is August 1. The other date is January 1st.

What type of horse races in the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is limited to Thoroughbreds registered with the Jockey Club and three years of age.

What country do thoroughbreds come from?

Thoroughbreds come from Europe but i don't know which country.

What are thoroughbreds used for besides racing?

Thoroughbreds are also used for hunter jumper.

What states where the thoroughbreds are located?

Thoroughbreds are located in every state in the US.

How fast do thoroughbreds run?

Thoroughbreds, as in race horses, can run up to about 40 mph.

Are Thoroughbreds high strung?

some thoroughbreds can be high strung but it really depends on the horse

Where are thoroughbreds found?

thoroughbreds are found almost everywhere,but mostly in Florida .

What is the duration of Thoroughbreds Don't Cry?

The duration of Thoroughbreds Don't Cry is 1.33 hours.

What info can you give me about Thoroughbreds?

most thoroughbreds are ex-racehorses, racehorses and all are hily stung

When was Thoroughbreds Don't Cry created?

Thoroughbreds Don't Cry was created on 1937-12-03.

Can other breeds of horses outrun thoroughbreds?

The answer is yes. Other breeds of horses have been known to out-race thoroughbreds. The Morgan horse is one of these, who was recorded to successfully out-run two valuable thoroughbreds. The standardbred is another breed that can out-race thoroughbreds. I own a nine year old, 15.1hh stb mare and she has out-raced 16hh+ 13 year old successful racing thoroughbreds.

What is the best horse for show jumping?

Usually thoroughbreds and thoroughbred crosses. Irish sports horses.. strong sturdy horses. (: I would have to say Thoroughbreds, ISH, thoroughbreds x Warmbloods.

To what age do medium size dogs grow?

It varies from dog to dog, and there is also some difference here between thoroughbreds and mongrels- however, GENERALLY a medium-sized dog will be fully grown at the age of about 18 months.

How high can a thoroughbred jump?

Thoroughbreds can jump at least 7ft, if not more. Infact a lot of the horses at Rolex are Thoroughbreds!!!

What are the release dates for Thoroughbreds - 1944?

Thoroughbreds - 1944 was released on: USA: 23 December 1944

Are thoroughbreds good at western?

Yes many thoroughbreds and Appendix Quarter Horses (TB/QH cross) excel at western including reining, barrel racing, etc. Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds are a lot alike but there are a few differences.

How high can thoroughbreds grow to?

Thoroughbreds are generally around 15.2h-17h, but can be much smaller or taller (the tallest thoroughbred is 19.2h).

What is the legal age to date in Australia?

There is no legal age to date in Australia, however the age of consent for intercourse is 16.