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Saturday 7th April 2012 - not sure of the time

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Q: What is the date of the Hogan Cup final 2012?
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What date is 2012 fa cup final?

5th of May 2012

What date is the Scottish cup final 2012?

saturday 12th may 2012.. This date is wrong The Scottish Cup final is the 19th of may...kick off 3pm

What is the date and time of the 2012 fa cup final?

The FA cup will take place of 5/5/2012 at, I'm asuming, 3PM

What was the venue of the 2012 FA Cup Final?

The venue of the 2012 FA Cup Final was Wembley Stadium in London.

What date is the final World Cup this summer?

The final of the 2010 world cup will be played on 11/7/2010.

What date is the World Cup final?

11th June

What is the date of the Carling cup final 2010?

The date is 28th Feb 2010

What is the date of the world cup final?

11th of July 2010.

Date of the 2009 Carling Cup final?


What date was the league cup final in 1976?

it was 28th of February

Where was the 2012 FA Cup Final held?

Wembly Stadium

What date is FA Cup Final in 12011?

It is debatable whether football will still be played in 12011, if it is, the date for the final is still tbc.