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November 29th Grey Cup is usually Played the last Sunday in November.

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Q: What is the date of the 2009 Grey Cup game?
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How many times have they played for the grey cup?

The game in 2012 was the 100th Grey Cup game.

Why did the 1960 grey cup take 2 days?

It didn't. You must be thinking of the 1962 Grey Cup Game.

In what building will the 2012 Grey Cup game be played?

The 2012 Grey Cup was played in the Rogers Centre, Toronto.

What was advertising rate for the grey cup on tsn 2009?


What was the last team the argonauts beat in a grey cup game?

As of 2012, Calgary Stampeders who they defeated in the 100th Grey Cup.

In what country did they play the gray Cup Game?

The Grey Cup Game has always been played in Canada.

Who won the 97th grey cup?

Montréal defeated Saskatchewan in the 97th Grey Cup in 2009, the year of the notorious "thirteenth man".

When has Calgary hosted the grey cup?

1975, 1993, 2000, and 2009

What team won the grey cup game in 1960?

The Ottawa Rough Riders defeated the Edmonton Eskimos to win the 1960 Grey Cup.

What is the difference between the Grey Cup and the Stanley Cup?

The Grey Cup is awarded to the championship game winners of the Canadian Football League. The Stanley Cup is the award that is given to the championship game winners of the National Hockey League.

Which city won the Grey Cup in 1940?

The Ottawa Rough Riders won their first Grey Cup in 1940, defeating Toronto Balmy Beach, in the only two-game 'total points' Grey Cup Championship.

What was the date of the Heineken Cup Final in 2009?

23 May 2009.