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Sunday, February 8 @ 4:30PM ET/3:30PM CT on NBC

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After the NFL/AFL merger in 1970. The first Super Bowl between NFC and AFC teams was Super Bowl V in January 1971.

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Q: What is the date of NFC and AFC football game?
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What are professional football divisions?

The NFL Divisions are NFC North NFC South NFC East NFC West AFC North AFC South AFC East AFC West

Is the NFC supposed to be be better than the AFC in football?

I think it is better because the NFC won the superbowl and they have better players then the AFC

Will the Vikings win the AFC Championship game?

No. Because they are on NFC not AFC!

What are the names of the divisions in the NFL?

AFC- AFC east, AFC west, AFC north, AFC south NFC- NFC east, NFC west, NFC north, NFC south

Did a difference exist between AFC and NFC football size regulation etc exist and is there still a difference?

No, there was never a difference in the football size or regulations between the AFC and NFC. This would be too hard to regulate since the AFC and NFC teams play each other so often.

How many different division are there in the national football league?

The NFL is split in to 2 conferences - the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). These two conferences are then split into four divisions each, North, South, East, and West. So there is a NFC West, AFC West, NFC South, AFC South, and so on.

What two groups of the NFL are there?

AFC (American Football Confrence) NFC (National Football Confrence)

What is the difference between AFC and NFC?

Besides the teams that are in them none. Many people say the AFC has better teams.

Are the Green Bay Packers in the AFC or NFC?

The Cowboys are in the NFC East.

Why are there two professional football conferences?

Because every sport needs to have conferences so there can be an interesting final game. This happens to be the AFC and NFC.

What is the stats for all time pro bowl record?

The NFL Pro Bowl has undergone several incarnations.From 1938-1942, the League Champion would face off against a squad of NFL all stars. The league champions won the series 4-1. The results:1938 New York Giants 13 NFL All Stars 101939 Green Bay Packers 16 NFL All Stars 71940 Chicago Bears 29 NFL All Stars 141941 Chicago Bears 35 NFL All Stars 241942 Washington Redskins 14 NFL All Stars 17The game was put on hiatus from 1943-1949.From 1950-1952, the NFL's American Conference (the East) and the National Conference (the West) all stars faced off. The National Conference won the three game series 2-1. The results:1950 National Conference 27 American Conference 281951 National Conference 30 American Conference 131952 National Conference 27 American Conference 7For the 1953-1969 seasons, the game was the same, but the nomenclature had changed to East vs West. The West won the series 11-6. The results:1953 East 20 West 91954 East 19 West 261955 East 31 West 301956 East 10 West 191957 East 7 West 261958 East 28 West 211959 East 21 West 381960 East 31 West 351961 East 30 West 311962 East 30 West 201963 East 17 West 311964 East 14 West 341965 East 36 West 71966 East 20 West 101967 East 20 West 381968 East 7 West 101969 East 13 West 16For the 1970 season, the NFL merged with the AFL. The two leagues, now one, were split into two conferences, the AFC and the NFC. The Pro Bowl retained the same format thru the 2012 season, changed the format from 2013-2015, and went back to the NFC/AFC format for the 2016 Pro Bowl. The series is tied 22-22. The game results:1970 NFC 27 AFC 61971 NFC 13 AFC 261972 NFC 28 AFC 331973 NFC 13 AFC 151974 NFC 17 AFC 101975 NFC 23 AFC 201976 NFC 14 AFC 241977 NFC 14 AFC 131978 NFC 13 AFC 71979 NFC 37 AFC 271980 NFC 21 AFC 71981 NFC 13 AFC 161982 NFC 20 AFC 191983 NFC 45 AFC 31984 NFC 14 AFC 221985 NFC 28 AFC 241986 NFC 6 AFC 101987 NFC 6 AFC 151988 NFC 34 AFC 31989 NFC 27 AFC 211990 NFC 21 AFC 231991 NFC 21 AFC 151992 NFC 20 AFC 23 (ot)1993 NFC 17 AFC 31994 NFC 13 AFC 411995 NFC 20 AFC 131996 NFC 23 AFC 26 (ot)1997 NFC 24 AFC 291998 NFC 10 AFC 231999 NFC 51 AFC 312000 NFC 17 AFC 382001 NFC 30 AFC 382002 NFC 20 AFC 452003 NFC 55 AFC 522004 NFC 27 AFC 382005 NFC 23 AFC 172006 NFC 28 AFC 312007 NFC 42 AFC 302008 NFC 30 AFC 212009 NFC 34 AFC 412010 NFC 55 AFC 412011 NFC 41 AFC 592012 NFC 62 AFC 352013-2015 Fantasy Football Format, see below for results2016 NFC 13 AFC 20After the 2012 season, the NFL decided to tweak the format of the Pro Bowl game. The League went to a "Fantasy Football" style format, with two honorary team Captains picking Pro Bowl elected players in a Fantasy Football style draft. The Captains in 2013 were Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders; in 2014 the Captains were Michael Irvin and Chris Carter; in 2015 the Captains were Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice. This experiment ended after the 2015 season.2013 Team Rice 22 Team Sanders 212014 Team Irvin 32 Team Carter 282015 Team Irvin 49 Team Rice 27

What football season are you in?

Its not what youre in but football is divided into the NFC and AFC, and the winners of the divisional playoffs goes to the superbowl.