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Wednesday 3rd of June

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Q: What is the date for state of origin game 1 2009?
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What are the Dates for rugby league state of origin 2009?

Game 3 is at Suncorp on Wednesday 15th July 2009

Are dates yet finalised for 2009 State of Origin rugby league?

Game I - Melbourne June 3rd 2009 Game III - Brisbane July 15th 2009

Who sang the national anthem state of origin 2009?

Mark Vincent sang it for the second game.

When do state of origin 2012 tickets go on sale?

state of origin game 3

When was the first state of origin game?


When was the first state of origin game played?


Which year was the first state of origin game?


Who won game won of state of origin 2009?

Heres Who Won Game 1 - Marrons. Aka Queensland Game 2 - Marrons . Aka Queensland Game 3 - Blues. aka New South Wales that's all i know (:

Next game of state of origin?

It is on June the 1st 2011

What is the Date for AFC championship game for the 2008- 2009 season?

The 2008-2009 AFC Championship game is scheduled for January 18, 2009.

Can anyone confirm if the date or venue of State of Origin 2011 Game 1 has changed due to the floods?

No, it hasnt, as there is a game (Broncos vs Cowboys I think) on March 11th (first day of NRL) at Suncorp Stadium

What is the difference between state of origin rules and NRL rules?

None. But referees enforce them less in State of Origin in order to make the game flow.