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The blue paint in front of the net is called the crease. Let's say if one of your team-mates takes a shot from the point (blue line) and your in the crease, then the goal is not allowed.

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its called "the D"

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Q: What is the d shaped area in front of the goal in field hockey called?
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How many players does a hockey team consist of?

A field hockey team consists of 10 players 3 defense or backs, 3 midfielders, 3 front line, and 1 striker that is right between the front line and the midfield

In hockey what is a front liner?

A front liner in hockey is a player who still has his front teeth.

What is the difference between loose and close dribble in field hockey?

well a loose dribble in hockey is when you dribble the ball at least 30 cm in front of you and a close dribble is when the ball is practically touching our feet as you run.

What is an offensive position?

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Can you lay down in front of your goal in hockey?

I don't even like hockey, but I think that's a no.

What is glass front on helmet for?

Hockey helmets do not have glass in front of them. The material that looks like glass is actually plastic. In hockey terms this face mask is called a "Bubble". You may be able to recall Charley Conway from the Mighty Ducks having a bubble on his helmet.

Where are most field hockey goals scored?

Depending on the grade, most goals are either field goals or penalty corner conversions. The first are often from within 7 metres, or about the distance of the spot from the goal, and the latter are usually from somewhere directly in front of the goal.

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