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60- 80

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Q: What is the cut off score Bender gestalt test?
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How do you score the token test?

29 is the cut-off

What component yielded this base score?

A base score is generally used in fitness as a minimum number that a person should score in order to do well on a fitness test. You will also find base scores for various military exercises as a cut off for people to pass or fail a military test.

How do you find out if you passed to the 8 grade?

You usually take a test at the end of the year of everything you've learned. Then you get your test results back and see if your score was enough to meet the cut off.

What are cut-offs of various Bangalore engg colleges on basis of comedk score?

what are cut-offs of various banglore engg college on basis of comedk score?

What is a high score on the OCI-R?

There is a reccomended cut-off score of 21. When you score higher tan 21 it means a presence of OCD

Do golfers start over scoring after the cut?

no, they keep the score that they have accumulated as long as they have made the cut.

What does score along the dotted line mean?

Score means to partially cut so it can fold easier. :)

What does is mean to score the edges of a lemon?

cut the edges , trim the edges.

Taking part in club golf match the marker does not sign card so you are disqualified ok i understand that but handicap committee still want to cut you 2 shots if the card dont count can they still do?

There is no way that they can cut you. Your score will appear as DQ so they can not cut you, as there was no score. It's definitely not above board if they cut you.

Dunman high school psle score?

258 is the cut off point for 2010

What is the cut off score for homi bhabha young scientist exam 2011?


What is cut -off mark of unn for mechanical engineering in2009 ume?

can astudent with 202 score study medicine can astudent with 202 score study medicine