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As at 5-Jan-2010, the players and their squad numbers are;

1. Robert Green

4. Danny Gabbidon

7. Kieron Dyer

8. Scott Parker

10. Guillermo Franco

12. Carlton Cole

13. Luís Boa Morte

14. Radoslav Kováč

15. Matthew Upson (c)

16. Mark Noble

17. Luis Jiménez

18. Jonathan Spector

19. Freddie Sears

20. Julien Faubert

21. Valon Behrami

22. Manuel da Costa

23. Hérita Ilunga

24. Frank Nouble

27. Calum Davenport

28. Péter Kurucz

29. Marek Štěch

30. James Tomkins

31. Jack Collison

32. Alessandro Diamanti

33. Fabio Daprelà

34. Oliver Lee

35. Josh Payne

36. Anthony Edgar

41. Zavon Hines

44. Bondz N'Gala

45. Jordan Spence

46. Junior Stanislas

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Q: What is the current squad list for West Ham United?
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