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228.443 square miles

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Q: What is the current size of Chicago?
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Who is the current manager of the Chicago Cubs?

Dale Sveum is the current Chicago Cubs manager.

Who is the mayor is Chicago?

The current mayor of Chicago is Rahm Emanuel.

Who is the current governor of Chicago?

well, no one is the GOVERNOR of Chicago. There is a governor of Illinois and a mayor of Chicago.

Chicago size vs Dallas size?

Dallas ranks ninth in population and Chicago ranks third.

When did the Chicago cubs get their name?

In 1902, the Chicago Cubs got their current name.

What is Chicago's rank in size?

Chicago is the third largest US City.

Who is the captain of the Chicago black hawks?

The current captain of the Chicago Blackhawks is Jonathan Toews.

How many mayors has Chicago had?

The current Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is the 55th Chicago Mayor.

How much does a condo rental cost in Chicago?

A condo rental in Chicago can vary depending on the area, the size of the condo, and how many rooms or features are desired. The best way to find the most current information on what a rental condo in Chicago costs would be to look for information online or contact a local real estate agent in the Chicago area.

What is Chicago's current population?

It is 2,695,598 residents.

What was the Chicago flag before the current Chicago flag?

Same as it is today with one less star.

Who coaches the Chicago Bulls basketball team?

The current coach for the Chicago Bulls is Tom Thibodeau.

Who own the Chicago Bears?

Virginia Halas McCaskey is the current Principle Owner of the Chicago Bears.

Who is the current captain of the Chicago Cubs?

The 2010 Chicago Cubs Team Captain is Derrek Lee.

How can one check the current time in Chicago?

To check the current time in Chicago, or any city, visit the site Time and Date. Here one can search for the current time and date in any city worldwide.

What is the current size of a quad-core processor in nanometers?

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What is the current schedule for the Chicago Clubs?

The current schedule for the Chicago Clubs namely the Chicago Cubs can be found on their website - Chicago (dot) cubs (dot) mlb (dot) com. They have a downloadable schedule, a sortable schedule, a regular season schedule and also a printable calendar for your convenience.

Who is the current captain of the Chicago Blackhawks?

Jonathan Toews.

What is the current scrap for red brass Chicago?


Where does your current president hail from home state?


Who is the current quarterback for the Chicago Bears?

Nathan Enderle

What is the size in square miles of Chicago?

The city of Chicago, IL, has an area of 224.9 square miles.

What is Chicago's relative size to all the other cities in Illinois?

Chicago is the largest city in Illinois.

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Who is the current archbishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago?

As of November 2011, the archbishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago is Francis Cardinal George, OMI.