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i don't think it cost anything because its tops and there are different kinds of Baseball cards

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Q: What is the current price of a Mickey Mantle Topps baseball card printed in 1982?
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When was Mickey Mantle elected?

Mickey Mantle was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974.

What was the reason that baseball star Mickey Mantle acquired the name of Mickey?

Mickey Mantle's father was a huge baseball fan and named his son Mickey after famed baseball player Mickey Cochrane who was a great hitting catcher.

Where is the baseball hall of fame that has Mickey Mantle?

Mickey Mantle was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, located in Cooperstown, NY, in 1974

What has the author Mickey Mantle written?

Mickey Mantle has written: 'Mickey Mantle' 'Letters to Mickey' 'My favorite summer, 1956' -- subject(s): Baseball players, New York Yankees (Baseball team), Diaries, History

In what year was Mickey Mantle elected to the hall of fame?

Mickey Mantle was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame in 1974

When and where was baseball player Mickey Mantle born?

Mickey Mantle was born October 20, 1931, in Spavinaw, OK, USA.

What is a mickey mantle baseball card?

A piece of cardboard with Mickey mantles picture.

Where did mickey mantle first play baseball?

Mickey Mantle was an all-around athlete at Commerce High School, playing basketball, football, and baseball. On April 17,1951 Mickey Mantle made his Major League debut with the New York Yankees.

Who taught Mickey Mantle how to play baseball?

His dad

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Who was the first baseball player to be traded?

mickey mantle