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Q: What is the current number of college basketball teams playing in Division 1?
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Do you get looked at more by scouts when playing overseas basketball or college basketball?


Can you play college basketball without playing high school basketball?


Do you need a degree to be a professional basketball player?

Yes, you only need one year of college to be a basketball player. You have to play college basketball before, playing professionally. :)

Where do people normally wear college basketball jerseys?

People normally wear college basketball jerseys when attending college basketball games to show support for their team. One might also wear them in many social situations such as playing basketball or hanging out with friends.

Is there a limit of how many total basketball players on a college team - playing and on bench?

Yes, you can only have a total of 12 players on a college basketball team.

Which player did not attend college prior to playing pro basketball?

Kobe Bryant

Did Isiah Thomas son play college basketball?

yes. He is playing for Washington

How many division 2 basketball players have a career playing basketball?

Next to none. Lol. At least not in the NBA maybe overseas if they're lucky.

What are the chances of playing College Basketball?

1 player out of every 35 high school basketball players gets to play for a college team. This translates to around 3 percent. 1 out of every 75 college basketball players gets to play for a National Basketball Association team.

Are the Celtics a real basketball team?

The Boston Celtics are a professional basketball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, playing in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Are there any Asian Americans playing division 1 basketball?

joshua ko playing for pittsburgh. he's like deep on the bench though

When did womens college basketball start?

The first women's basketball game was played in 1892 at Smith College. It wasn't quite organized, however, as they were playing against YMCA teams.

When was the first womens college basketball game played?

The first women's college basketball game was played in 1892, between the University of California and Miss Head's School. Mount Holyoke and Sophie Newcomb College began playing women's basketball in 1893.

What sport does the team Minnesota Timberwolves play?

The team Minnesota Timberwolves is a basketball team. The Minnesota Timberwolves is currently playing in The National Basketball Association division.

Did randy moss get a basketball scholarship?

He wasn't interested in playing college basketball. And only wanted to play football for Notre Dame

What song are they playing on ESPN during college basketball highlights?

One Shining Moment

What song was playing during women's college basketball highlights?

The star spangled banner

Savannah country day school college students?

Do you want to know if any of our recent graduates are playing basketball in college?

How much playing time in college basketball?

there are 2 halfs, both consisting of 20 min.

What college is best for basketball?

It depends if you are looking for the education, or playing/coaching. It varies from everyone's perspective.

When did the Cleveland Cavaliers begin playing in the National Basketball Association?

According to the information available on the Cleveland Cavaliers, it has been found that they began playing in the National Basketball Association in 1970. They have won division titles in 1976, 2009 and 2010.

What does the number stand for that is in front of the baseball teams listed on the scoreboard that shows all the teams playing and the current scores?

Their current standing in the division.

Where is a good place to view current basketball scores?

Good places to view the current basketball scores are the Sports Network (ESPN), NBC or CBS Sports, by watching a basketball game on television where they will show the up to date scores of other teams that are playing.

Who has the youngest Division one College football team?

The youngest Division 1-FBS (formerly Division 1-A) school is Florida International University who began playing football in 2002.

What college is Olivia and Malcolm Washington going to?

Malcolm goes to Penn, he's playing basketball as a walk-on there.