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Kansas has the longest current streak dating from 1990. Kansas was on probation in 1989 and last missed the field that year.

Some said that the Arizona Wildcats had the longest streak in Division I Basketball with twenty-five, ignoring the fact that their 1999 appearance was vacated. Arizona failed to make the field in 2010.

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Q: What is the current NCAA men's Division I basketball tournament appearance streak?
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North Carolina holds the all-time record, with 27 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances. The streak spanned from 1975-2001. With the inclusion of the 2009 NCAA Tournament, Arizona holds the longest current streak, with 25 consecutive appearances.

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UCLA has the longest overall winning streak. However the Butler Bulldogs have the longest CURRENT winning streak in men's division 1 college basketball. As of 3/26/2010 Butler has 23 consecutive wins.

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