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If you mean the 2012 Super Bowl? The Cure was a cool band, but I think you mean

"The Cult" and 'She Sells Sanctuary' and I am looking for cool mix also cause it was sweet.

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Q: What is the cure song used on the Budweiser super bowl ad?
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What is the song on the Budweiser commercial super bowl 45?

Tiny Dancer, by Elton John ...

Who is the bartender in the Budweiser Tiny Dancer Super Bowl commercial?

Los Campesinos (from Wales). Song is "You, Me, Dancing".

What is the song playing in the new Budweiser advert?

There where two Budweiser super bowl commercials: 1."Puppy Love" features the song Let Her Go by Passenger; & 2."A Hero's Welcome" features Coming Home Pt. II by Skylar Grey

What is the song on the Budweiser time-travel commercial toward the end of the 3rd quarter in Super Bowl 46?

It was a mashup of The Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary" and Flo Rida's rap from "Good Feeling"

What song was used in the video recap of Super Bowl XLI?

Super Bowl Shuffle in 1985 and the Bears went on to win Super Bowl XX.

Will Beyonce sing survivor at the 2013 Super Bowl?

No. Unfortunately, Beyonce did not sing the song Survivor in her Super Bowl collection of songs.

What song will be performing at the super-bowl?

i think its Justin beiber

When the Saints win the Super Bowl song?

i dont get ur question

What song in the x factor super bowl commercial?

O Fortuna.

What professional football team was known for the Super Bowl Shuffle?

The Super Bowl Shuffle is a rap song performed by players of the Chicago Bears football team during 1985, slightly prior to their performance in Super Bowl XX.

What is the song in the amp Super Bowl commercial?

Salt' N Pepper - Push It

What song is sung to begin the Super Bowl?

The National Anthem of the United States