What is the cup series?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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The cup series, also known as the Nascar Sprint Cup Series, is the highest level of the nascar circuit.

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Q: What is the cup series?
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What year did the Nextel Cup Series begin?

The series was called the (Nextel Cup Series) from 2004-2007. In 2008 it was renamed the Sprint Cup Series.

What is the duration of The Cup TV series?

The duration of The Cup - TV series - is 1800.0 seconds.

What were the past Nascar Cup Series names?

Strictly Stock Series (1949)Grand National Series (1950-1970)Winston Cup Series (1971-2003)Nextel Cup Series (2004-2007)Sprint Cup Series (2008-present)

What was the first Sprint Cup Series race?

The first race using the 'Sprint Cup Series' name was the 2008 Daytona 500.The Sprint Cup Series had several names over the years, including the Nextel Cup, Winston Cup, Grand National and Strictly Stock Series.

When was CARS Pro Cup Series created?

CARS Pro Cup Series was created in 1997.

When did The Cup - TV series - end?

The Cup - TV series - ended on 2008-09-25.

When was The Cup - TV series - created?

The Cup - TV series - was created on 2008-08-21.

When was America's Cup World Series created?

America's Cup World Series was created in 2011.

Who is man of the series in 1975 cricket world cup?

there was no man of the series in 1975 world cup

What is the Sprint Cup Series?

The Sprint Cup Series is the top series in Nascar. There is a total of 36 points races throughout the season, with the last ten being the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

Which driver was the first to win both a Busch Series and Winston Cup Series championship?

There has never been a driver to win both the Busch (now the Nationwide Series) and the Winston Cup (now the Sprint Cup Series).

Who are facing the 2011 Cricket World Cup as their sixth World Cup series?

Sachine Tendulker facing his sixth World Cup Series.