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From the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, these are the areas that are considered in a physical for the NFL: STANDARD MINIMUM PRESEASON PHYSICAL EXAMINATION Should there be the need for additional examination or testing in any specific area, such will be permitted. General Medical Examination 1. History

• player

• family

• thorough review of all team physicians and trainer reports for preceding seasons

2. Examination

• head

• face

• scalp

• ears

• external & drums

• sinus

• throat

• eyes

• pupils

• reaction to movement & light

• lungs

• palpation

• chest

• heart

• visceral

• hernia

• rectal

• hemorrhoid

• fistula

• prostate

• gastric

• any unusual body marks, i.e. scars, birthmarks

• height

• weight

• temperature

• blood pressure

• pulse

• heart rate Orthopedic Examination

Examination visually, including stress testing and range of motion for all of the following:

• neck and spine

• shoulder

• elbow

• wrist

• fingers

• hips

• knees; also knee jerk

• ankle; check Achilles tendon for abnormalities and by jerk test

• toes Flexibility Testing of hamstrings and neck EKG Heart Abnormalities Stress Testing (at physician's discretion) (Treadmill or bicycle) for cardiovascular Blood Testing

Standard grid. Testing for (including but not limited to):

• Chemistry

• Calcium

• Phosphorus

• Glucose

• Uric Acid

• Cholesterol

• Iron

• Triglyceride

• Lipids

• Sodium

• Chlorides

• White Blood Count

• Red Blood Count

• Mono-Screen* ]

• Tay Sachs* ] *Where applicable. If found,

• Sickle Cell* ] individual counseling necessary.

• VD* Urinalysis

Check for (including but not limited to):

• Protein

• Glucose

• PH Factor


• Renal Failure

• Gout Vision Testing

• peripheral vision

• standard eye test Hearing Test Dental Examination Chest X-Ray (at appropriate intervals)

(Only as recommended by AMA standard)

Check for: Tumor


Lesions X-Ray all previously injured areas (at physician's discretion)

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Q: What is the criteria for passing an NFL physical?
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