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If you've ever seen college Lacrosse there's a circle around the goal that's the crease

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Q: What is the crease in lacrosse?
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What does crease mean in the game of lacrosse?

The crease is the area around the goal.

How big is a field lacrosse crease?

The crease on the men's lacrosse field has a radius of 9 feet.There is a link to a printable field layout here that will answer your question.

What is the circle called that encompasses the lacrosse goal?

The crease

The circle around a lacrosse goal is called?

the Crease

What is a lacrosse goalie?

The player who stands in the crease of the goal and blocks the lacrosse ball from being scored into the goal.

What is the circle or marked off area in front of the goal in lacrosse?

the crease

How long can a lacrosse goalie stay in the crease with possession of the ball?

5 seconds.

In lacrosse what is the circle called that encompasses the LAX goal?

the circle is called the crease

How big is a girls lacrosse crease?

The Girls lacrosse crease or goal circles, is 8'foot 6"inches. 8 meter 12 meter arcs and the face off circles measurements. Mark the goal circle, 8 meter and 12 meter arcs in less than three minutes using the Eazy Crease!

What does clamping mean in the game lacrosse?

If your a goalie when the ball is near the crease the goalie should clamp on it and bring it in the crease so its not putting it in the stick the stick is upside down

Can a goal be made in lacrosse by kicking the ball in e goal?

Yes, as long as they don't step in the crease as they kick it.

Can a lacrosse attack player land in the crease after a shot?

Yes but if you do before its a crease violation **** Say you dive into the crease, as long as the ball is in the net before you touch the ground, then you get the goal. Its super risky though, because this can vary from ref to ref and if you miss/ hit the goalie with the ball then you get a penalty

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