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united states

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Q: What is the country that first underwent modern industrialization?
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What region of the US first underwent significant industrialization?

The region of California, in the U.S.A, was where industrialization was first concentrated.

What historical event stimulated industrialization?

The Industrial Revolution which first began in Great Britain is often associated as the beginning of modern industrialization.

What was the first industry to undergo industrialization?

Great Britain underwent industrialization that began at the beginning of the 1700's with the invention of machine that produced textiles, which had formerly been produced using manual labor. In the United States, industrialization is usually thought to have started in the latter half of the 19th century.

Name the country that experienced major industrialization before any other?

England was the first country to do so

Who was involved in industrialization?

it depends on your country of inquiry..but i can tell you the pioneers of industrialization by country.. if you want the person involved then reply with the country you want..The first industry revolution (industrialization) occurred in Great Britain and Europe during the late eighteenth century. The Industrial Revolution then centered on the United States and Germany.

Industrialization began on the continent first in?

The Industrial Revolution began in the country of Great Britain on the European continent.

Modern democracy started in first in which country?

In Greece.

Which geologic event occurred first?

"Pangaea underwent formation."

What country was the first to host the modern olyimpic games?


What was the first phase of industrialization?


Which country was the first country in the modern world to formally abolish military forces?

Costa Rica

Who was the first English explorer and what modern-day country did he visit?

The first English explorer was John Cabot who visited modern-day Canada.