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Q: What is the cost of a liter of johnny walker blue?
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How much does johnny walker black label cost?

Forty dollars

How much does jonny walker cost?

Depends what one. Blue is the best and is $180 US

How much does a 750 ml bottle of johnny walker black 12 year whiskey cost?

About $18 around local liquor stores in TX.

How much does johnny walker blue label cost?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Whisky is the top of the Johnnie Walker line: Blue, Gold, Green, Black, and Red. At about $150 USD per bottle (duty free) this is an investment in some good whiskey and many wonder if it is worth that price for a blend. Many whiskey/whiskey consumers will dish out more for single malt, but why is this blended whiskey so popular and so expensive? In the end, I argue it is worth having around for special occasions

How much does Whiskey cost?

There are several varieties of whiskey marketed under the Johnnie Walker label. Below are some sample US prices:Johnnie Walker Red $19-$27Johnnie Walker Black $32-$43Johnnie Walker Green $52Johnnie Walker Swing $58Johnnie Walker Gold $77Johnnie Walker Blue $165-$199Johnnie Walker Blue King George V $399Johnnie Walker Blue Baccarat Decanter $3,999

What is the average cost of a Chicco Walker?

The average cost of a Chicco Walker is around $90 before taxes. Depends on which model of walker one is interested in. Price will vary depending on taxes in one's state!

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