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It is about 2.5million dollars

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Q: What is the cost of a indoor cycling arena?
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When was National Indoor Arena opened?

National Indoor Arena is an indoor arena in United Kingdom and was opened on 1991.

Can you use the word menage for an indoor training arena for horses?

You could, but outdoor arenas are often called menages, an indoor arena can be called a indoor school, or an indoor arena.

Is the Nassau coliseum an indoor or outdoor arena?

It is an 18,000 seat indoor arena...

When was Podium Arena opened?

Podium Arena is an indoor arena in Poland and is is under construction.

What is a indoor horse arena?

An indoor riding arena is an indoor area where you can ride horses.

What is the name of the cycling arena?

A velodrome?

Where can you participate in indoor cycling?

One may participate in an indoor cycling program at "Spynergy Cycling Studio". One may also try out the programs offered by "D'Ornellas Fitness Factory".

Where are indoor cycling tracks located?

indoor cycling tracks Velodromes are located in Manchester,London,Glasgow in the UK for a different country be specific.

When was Arena Armeec opened?

Arena Armeec is an indoor arena in Bulgaria and was opened on 2011.

When was SAP Arena opened?

SAP Arena is an indoor arena in Germany and was opened on 2005.

When was Minsk-Arena opened?

Minsk-Arena is an indoor arena in Belarus and was opened on 2009.

When was Megasport Arena opened?

Megasport Arena is an indoor arena in Russia and was opened on 2006.