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Since "air" does not weigh anything, the overall weight then of the Basketball would be the same if inflated or deflated.

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The NBA ball is 22 ounces, I belive the official rules are a renge of 20 -22 ounces

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the weight of a basketball is usually around 20 ounces. or a pund and 4 ounces. hope this answers your quesion.

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29.5 men 28.5 women

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Q: What is the correct weight for a basketball?
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If you had a basketball filled with mercury density13.6gml about how much would it weigh in kilograms Assume the radius of a basketball is 4.00 inches.?

To calculate the weight of the basketball filled with mercury, first calculate the volume of the basketball using the formula for the volume of a sphere. Then, convert the volume to liters (1 L = 1000 cm^3) to determine the mass of the mercury in grams. Finally, divide the mass by 1000 to convert it to kilograms.

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