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Recreational Swimming:

There is no truly correct swimming outfit. Usually, though, a swim suit is worn by women/girls and swim trunks are worn by men/boys.

Competitive Swimming:

Competitive swimming on the other hand is much more strict. Unlike regular swimsuits, which are usually designed for their aesthetic appearances, Competitive swimwear is designed specifically for racing. The suits are usually made out of special low resistance fabrics. These suits help reduce skin drag.

Within Competitive swimming, there are still two different times where you would wear different suits. They are while practicing and while racing.

When Participating in a Swim Practice A swimmer usually will wear a lesser quality swim suit and maybe a drag suit. A drag suit is a loose swimsuit worn over the swimmer's primary suit. It is usually made out of mesh and is designed to increase drag which in turn, builds up the swimmer's endurance.

When Racing A swimmer will usually wear a very high quality swimsuit that they would not normally wear for everyday practicing. Racing suits are very commonly worn. They are made out of technologically advanced fabrics designed with a surface such as that of a rough shark to reduce drag along the body. It improves shape retention, increases muscle compression to reduce vibration, and retains muscle shape to reduce fatigue and power loss. Some more competitive swimmers wear partial and full bodysuits.


  • Swim Suit (Swim Briefs, Racing Briefs, Speedos, Competition Briefs, Bathers, Racer Bathers, Jammers, Square Leg Suits, Leg/Knee/Body Skin, LZR Racer)
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap (Silicone or Latex) : Optional
  • DON'T wear: baggy swim trunks or Board Shorts


  • One-Piece Swim Suit (Racer Back, Leg/Knee/Body Skin, LZR Racer)
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap (Silicone or Latex) : Optional but recommended
  • DON'T wear: Two-Piece, Bikini
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Q: What is the correct swim attire?
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