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For the All-Ireland Hurling trophy, it is Liam McCarthy. As a name generally, it can be spelled either way.

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Q: What is the correct spelling Liam McCarthy or Liam MacCarthy?
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How many times have Dublin won the Liam McCarthy cup?

You are referring to the Liam MacCarthy Cup. Dublin have won the All-Ireland Hurling championship 6 times. The years were: 1889, 1917, 1920, 1924, 1927, 1938. The Liam McCarthy Cup was first presented in 1921, so Dublin have won the trophy on 3 occasions.

When was Liam McCarthy - hurler - born?

Liam McCarthy - hurler - was born on 1963-03-02.

Who was the first man to lift the Liam McCarthy cup?

Bob McConkey was captain of the Limerick team in 1921 when the trophy was first presented. A different trophy, the Great Southern Cup, was used before 1921 as the trophy for winners of the All-Ireland Hurling Championship. A new Liam McCarthy Cup replaced the old one in 1992 and Liam Fennelly of Kilkenny was the first man to receive it.

Who won the Liam McCarthy cup in 2002?


How many Liam McCarthy cups do dublin have?

Dublin have won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling championship 6 times. However, only 3 of those resulted in them receiving the Liam McCarthy cup, as it was first presented to teams in 1921 and Dublin have only won it 3 times since then: Before the Liam McCarthy Cup: 1889, 1917, 1920, Since the Liam McCarthy Cup: 1924, 1927, 1938

The correct spelling in Gaelic for William?

In Irish it's "Uilliam" In Scottish Gaelic: Uilleam; Liam is more common in Irish.

What is the cup for the final in the Guinness Hurling final?

The Liam McCarthy Cup.

How do you spell the name Liam?

That is the usual spelling of the Irish name Liam, and rarely Lyam (forms of William).

How many times has cork won the Liam McCarthy cup?

Their last win was in 2010, and they did not win it since then.

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