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The typical pool cue lengths range from 56 to 61 inches. The "correct length" depends on the individual and the pool cue. The important parts of using a pool cue is proper stroke with hand in the proper balance point and sufficeint weight on the bridge hand for stability. This generally means larger people need longer cue lengths and shorter people need shorter cue lengths for this balance. However, your local pool cue professional can balance your cue to fit "better" whether shorter or longer than ideal. Most cues sold are 58 inches long and there are generallyonly 2 preferred balance points from the "factory" - Meucci cues move the balance point slightly from where most cues provide this.

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Q: What is the correct length for a pool cue?
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Why are break cues in pool shorter?

Break cues in pool are typically 58 inches long. The bridge hand and the stroke determines what is needed for length of a pool cue whether it is for the break or for regular play. Most players use a break cue of the same length as the play cue.

Can you fit a snooker tip in a pool cue?

No. The typical snooker cue tips are much smaller than the typical pool cue tips. So, you can fit a pool cue tip to a snooker cue, but not a snooker cue tip on a pool cue.

What is the correct spelling of que?

The correct spelling for people lining up for something is a queue. or cue for pool.

What is the best shape for a pool cue?

There is only one shape for a pool cue. The choices become the size and type of tip, which depends upon the skill and the player, and then, the length of the taper.

What color is the cue ball in pool?

The cue ball is white.The cue ball in pool is white.

How do you cue a pool stick?

A cue is a pool stick. You prepare the cue before a match by shaping and scuffing the tip. Then, the cue tip is chalked with pool chalk.

What is the difference between pool cue and pool stick?

There is no difference, but the proper name is a pool cue.

Where can one purchase pool cue cases?

You can purchase pool cue cases online from the Pooldawg website. Alternatively, you can also get pool cue cases online from the Cue and Case website.

How high do you mount a pool cue rack on the wall?

The average length of a cue stick is around 59 inches. As long as the cue rack is mounted on the wall at 60 inches or more, it will work fine.

What is pool stick?

the cue

Is there a perfect pool cue?


What is a McCormick pool cue?

It is a McDermott cue, McDermott is the largest manufacturer of pool cues, makes medium to very high quaility cue sticks

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