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For over half of a century Candido C. Bartolome worked for the advancement of sports and physical education in the Philippines. As a pioneer physical educator and sports leader, he influenced past and current practices in physical education and sports in this country. It is fitting therefore that his contributions and achievements in these lines of endeavor be the subject of a study. 

In preparing this paper, the researcher accessed materials in the library of the University of the Philippines and the personal library of (Candido C. Bartolome). She also availed of information gathered from a series of personal interviews with the subject himself sand some of his professional colleagues.

It is hoped that this humble work will provide a chronicle of his achievements and an insight into his role in the development of physical education and sports in the Philippines.

This paper is divided into three parts: the first part deals with his early life; the second part with his years at the University of the Philippines; and the third part with his contributions to national sports development and other professional achievements.

Keywords: Candido C. Bartolome, physical education

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Q: What is the contribution of candido bartolome to gymnastics?
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