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Mexican-owned Club Deportivo Chivas USA is the sister team to Mexico's Club Deportivo Guadalajara, better known as Chivas.

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Q: What is the connection between chivas US and Chivas in Mexico?
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Where are the soccer team chivas from?

Chivas USA are from Miami And Chivas de Guadalajara are from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

Where is the soccer team chivas US from?

Chivas soccer team is from Mexico

Who wins more pumas or chivas?

chivas pumas suck its all about the chivas

Who won of chivas US vs chivas de guadalajara?

CHIVAS won. score 1-0

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Who is better pachuca or chivas?

Pachuca. It is the team of MEXICO.

Whos is better chivas or america?

Chivas are, my brother goes for America and i know how it feels if they win-un asco, pero quando las chivas ganan i get like super happy i just have to go out and party. So really chivas are better. Chivas are better than America

Best soccer team in Mexico?

The best teams in the Mexican league are between Chivas (Guadalajara) and CF America. They are equal in skill. But CF America has more games won between their rivalry with Chivas. So CF America is the best team in mexico.

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Who's better Chivas or America?

chivas 11 chapions and chivas have won all the games

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