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they play cricket they play cricket they play cricket

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Q: What is the connection between Flintoff Panesar Muralidharan and Symonds?
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Who is the most expensive player in ipl 2009?

Andrew Flintoff. Closely followed by Kevin Pietersen, MS Dhoni and Andrew Symonds

Most expensive player in Indian Premier League?

Andrew Flintoff (England), Kevin Pietersen (England), Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Andrew Symonds (Australia) are the millionaires in IPL 2010. In 2008, Dhoni fetched a price of US $1,550,000.00, while Symonds cost $1,350,000.00. In the 2009 auction, Flintoff and Pietersen became the most expensive IPL players, as they each fetched $1,550,000.00. Given that the silent bids for Kieron Pollard and Shane Bond in 2010 were unknown, Pietersen and Flintoff remain the most expensive IPL players.

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