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Q: What is the compression of a Top Flite XL golf ball?
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How many dimples on a top flite golf ball?


Who makes Top-Flite golf clubs?

Top Flite clubs and golf balls operate under the parent company of Callaway Golf.

Who owns top flite?

Calloway purchased Top Flite Golf in 2003. Calloway later sold Top Flite to Dick's Sporting Goods in 2012.

What are the main golf ball brands?

There are many golf ball brands, but some of the best include: Dunlop, Nike Golf, Callaway, Taylormade, Precept, Volvik, Top Flite, and Wilson Golf. The are just a few of the top brands with quality golf balls.

Who manufactures molitor golf balls?

Top Flite

Who makes topflight golf balls?

Top Flite is owned by Callaway

Who is the worlds largest golf club manufacturer?

Top Flite is the worlds largest golf club manufacturer.

How can you tell if a golf range ball is limited flight?

Once you hit it you will know. If you don't get to hit it, it may say on it. 'Top Flite' is a major supplier of Golf Range balls, and they are frequently co-branded including the 'Top Flite' name on the ball This is what they (Top Flite) say 'We have found a way to slow the ball down. Top-Flite® Range Limited Flight balls utilize a unique, patented dimple pattern that limits the carry of the ball without sacrificing feel and trajectory, making them ideal for ranges with limited space' These balls are not marked as range limited, and the driving ranges usually do not provide this information Further, as well as using the 'dimple pattern' to increase drag on the ball, they are typically 2% lighter in mass when measured against standard golf balls, which also acts to slow down the ball and hence reduce the carry distance of shots

How good are the top flite 2008 XL?

These would be classed as a budget golf ball. I suppose they are decent enough for beginners or simply practicing but they would never be used on Tour or by low amateurs. They are a two piece golf ball which is simply designed to be cheap, so you won't get the most from this ball.

Where is the best place to buy Top Flite Golf Balls?

There are many places where a person could buy Top-Flite golf balls. A person could go direct to the manufacturer's website. They could also go through Amazon, eBay or even Tesco.

What brand of golf ball is better in cold weather?

Golf Ball Brands are specific for you game and budget, but what you want in cold weather is a SOFT ball, something with low compression to reduce the jarring impact. Anything cheap labeled 'distance' like Top Flite Distance balls are not very good in the cold as they have higher compression (harder) for maximum carry and roll in summer but can feel like hitting a rock in the cold.The original Precept Laddie and the Maxfli Noodle were among the groundbreaking balls in this new genre of balls, now all the major manufacturers have a 'soft' ball like this.You might try the Nike Distance Soft, Srixon Soft Feel, Top Flite Super Soft, or Taylor Made Noodle (no more Maxfi).

What are the different name brands of golf balls?

Titleist, Srixon, Nike, Taylormade, Dunlop, Pinnacle, Top-Flite.

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