What is the compression for ktm sx125?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: What is the compression for ktm sx125?
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How much horsepower does a ktm sx125 have?


What if there's no compression on KTM 65?

No compression means time for a rebuild.

What is the compression of a 2004 ktm 50 sx?

125-130 lbs

What should the compression be on a 2004 KTM 250 EXC?


What should compression be for 2004 KTM 200 EXC?


Is there a ktm 110?

yes there is the ktm ktm 85 ktm 110 ktm 125 ktm 150 ktm 250 ktm 500

What is the air chambers purpose in a 2 stroke dirt bike?

the air chamber in a KTM 2T is for back compression in the moter . without back compression the moter will not work couse the back compression efects the giro of the motor so the piston will not go up and down

How much compression does a ktm 65 have from the factory?

Not an easy question to answer. Compression readings are greatly impacted by your gauge, altitude, air density etc. I have seen many places where the compression on a KTM 65 should be at least 135PSI. I live at 7,000 feet, I purchased a cheap Harbor Freight compression gauge. I tested compression on 2 new KTM 65s and 2 Cobra 50s. The KTMs read between 88 and 95 PSI, the Cobras read between 60 and 65 psi. All the bikes run great and have plenty of power. I know my gauge reads low, I also had to use an adapter to fit the gauge on the cylinder head. From what I understand the adaptor also adversely impacts readings. I think the best bet calls for measuring compression when the engine is new, record the PSI, date temperature, elevation and gauge used as a benchmark. Check the compression again at intervals, when compression drops by more than 10% from the benchmark consider a rebuild. When compression drops by more than 20% rebuild is imminent.

What does ktm stand for in ktm motorcycles?


Ktm 620sx 2000 four stroke won't start and hard to kick?

Is it hard to kick or no matter how many times you kick it wont start? If the second choice is whats happening my guess is low compression. Maybe a compression test and or valve adjustment is in order if you have good fuel and a clean air filter and good spark. My 2000 ktm 400 would not kick start at all only push start. I had very low compression because of worn rings. If you can push the kick starter with your hand and not using the compression release this is your problem.

Who invented the Ktm 125?


Where did ktm originate?

ktm originated in japan