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Black, bule and white.

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Q: What is the colour of Cronulla Sharks national rugby league team?
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Who are the members of the Cronulla-Sutherlands Sharks?

The Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks are an Australian Rugby League team, based in Cronulla, New South Wales. Current members include: Paul Gallen, Todd Carney, Luke Lewis, beau Ryan, Wade Graham and more.

When was Cronulla-Sutherland District Rugby Football League created?

Cronulla-Sutherland District Rugby Football League was created in 1964.

Which former Springbok represented Australia in the 1999 Rugby World cup?

Tiaan Strauss. He also played two seasons with the Cronulla Sharks league team.

When was Cronulla-Caringbah Junior Rugby League Football Club created?

Cronulla-Caringbah Junior Rugby League Football Club was created in 1952.

Which league do the San Jose Sharks play in?

The San Jose sharks play in the NHL League, which stands for National Hockey League. They are based out of San Jose, California and are coached by Todd McLellan.

When was A-League National Youth League created?

A-League National Youth League was created in 2008.

How many rugby teams of the national rugby league are located in sydney?

There are 9: Sea Eagles, Eels, Tigers, Bulldogs, Rabbitohs, Dragons, Sharks, Panthers and Roosters

What league is older- national or American?

National. The National League began play as a major league in 1876 and the American League began play as a major league in 1901.

Are the Chicago Cubs in the national league or the American league?

The Chicago Cubs are in the national league.

When was National League A created?

National League A was created in 1999.

What is the abbreviation for national League?

The abbreviation for the National League is NL.

Where does the the ice hocky team the Panthers come from?

There are a number of teams named the Sharks. However, the most notable are from A - Durban, natal, South Africa (Super 14) B - Sale, Nr Manchester UK C - NRL (Rugby League) team Cronulla Sharks.