What is the color of Portugal?

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The flag is red and green, so is their football uniform.

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Q: What is the color of Portugal?
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What color are people from Portugal?


What is the Skin color of people in Portugal?


What country flag has only one color?


What color are the people who live in Portugal?

Mediterranean white.

What is Portugal's color?

The home colors of Sporting Clube de Portugal [Sporting CP] are a green and white striped jersey and the away color is a solid green jersey.

What is Portugal's national color's?

Red, green and a bit of yellow

How do you use nuetral in a sentence?

Portugal was neutral during WWII.

Which flag has the color green and red and has five dice in the middle?

I believe the flag you are referring to is: The flag of Portugal.

How many black people live in Portugal?

Only 2% of the population is Black. In Portugal studies about ethnic minorities are made using nationality not skin color or race. Thus if we assume that all immigrants that came from Africa are black then we can say that there are 125.671 black people in Portugal, but its more correct to say that in Portugal there're 125.671 legal African people. (source INE). Black people are not the biggest minority in Portugal. Brazilians, Ukrainians and Romanians make the biggest minority groups in Portugal.

What country is located on Portugal?

The country that is located on Portugal is Portugal.

How many miles from Lisbon Portugal to Porto Portugal?

about 170 miles from Lisbon Portugal to Porto Portugal

What color is Portugal's flag?

The colors used in Portugal flag includes red, green, yellow, white, blue and black. Red and green form mainly the background - bicolor flag and the other colors are used in the symbol embossed in it.

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