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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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With 11 national titles, UCLA holds the record for the most NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championships.

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north carolina

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Q: What is the college with the most NCAA basketball titles?
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What college basketball team has the most NCAA national titles?

UCLA- 11 tournament titles

Did Iona college ever won a NCAA basketball title?

no but they do have the most maac tournament titles

What college has won the most NCAA Division 1 basketball titles?

University of California, Los Angeles.

Who has most ncaa mens basketball titles?


Who has the most NCAA basketball titles as of 2009?


Which NCAA school has had the most national championship titles in college basketball?


What college basketball team has the most titles?

Well, the University of Kentucky has the most wins, first team to 2000 wins. The team with the most NCAA championships is UCLA with 11 titles.

What team owns the most NCAA division 1 womens basketball titles?

The University of Tennessee's women's basketball team has the most Womens Division 1 NCAA National Titles.

What college holds the most NCAA championships?

If you are speaking of NCAA Men's Basketball, the record for Most NCAA Championship Titles is UCLA with 11 (Coach John Wooden won 10 of the 11 NCAA titles at UCLA) Most NCAA Championship Titles: UCLA 11 Kentucky 7 Indiana 5 North Carolina 4 Duke 3

What ncaa basketball team has won most titles?

UCLA has 11 titles and Kentucky has 8.

Which basketball teams have the most NCAA tournament titles?

UCLA with 11.

What NCAA basketball team has won the most tournamt titles?

la lakers