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This circle is called the center circle.

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Q: What is the circle in the center of the basketball court called?
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What is the Circumference of center circle on a basketball court?

The center circle on an NBA regulation basketball court has a circumference of 37.7 feet (37 feet 8.4 inches).

What is the diameter of center court in a basketball court?

The diameter of the center court circle in the NBA and WNBA is 12 feet. In FIBA (the International Basketball Federation) the circle is slightly smaller with a diameter of 11.81 feet.

What is the center in a basketball court called?

Half court.

How big is the circle in the middle of a basketball court?

The center circle is 12 feet by 12 feet and is 38 feet away from the side line.

Where do basketball starters stand at tip off?

The starting players have to stand outside of the center court circle, except for the two players jumping for the tip-off. The two "jumpers," usually the centers, stand opposite each other on opposite sides of the center court line facing their goals in the middle of the circle. The players outside of the circle may stand anywhere, but they usually line up around the permimeter of the center circle.

What is the size of the center circle on a netball court?

Centre Circle

What is the guard position on the basketball court?


What is the colorful thing at center court of the Big Ten men's basketball tournament?

It's the Big Ten Basketball Tournament Logo. It is each schools two main colors as if they were pennants in a circle. It also has a image of a basketball net (white lines) as if you were looking up through it.

How is a basketball game started?

A basketball game starts in the center of the court with a tip off.

What is he name of the circle in the middle of the basketball court?

my left ball sack

What is is circular in the middle of the basketball court called?

its called half court

What are the seats in a basketball stadium called?

Seats in a basketball court are called bleachers.

How do you begin a basketball game?

5 members of each team position themselves around center court. one member from each team stand in the center circle. a ref tosses the ball up and the 2 players jump and try to tip the ball to their teammates. that's why it's called a "tip off"

Where do basketball players stand at the start of the game?

both teams get around the circle in the middle of half court. Each team's center stands in the middle and jumps for the ball - jump ball

What is the difference between a 2 point and a 3 point shot?

In basketball, there is a half-circle drawn on the court (the 3 point line) with the center of the circle at the basket. Shots made from outside that half-circle are awarded 3 points, while shots inside that circle are awarded 2 points.

What are the Three circles on a basketball court?

There are 2 half circles on each side called the 3-point line where you shoot and make 3 points. there is a circle and then a smaller circle in that one in the middle of the court. that is there because at the beginning of each game 2 players will jump for the ball in the small circle and the everybody else has to stay on the outside of the bigger circle.

In Basketball how do they determine which team takes which side of the court to start the game?

with a jumpball at center court

What are the positions played on a basketball court called?

There are 3 positions for basketball. There are 2 guards (Point Guard and Shooting Guard), 2 forwards( Small Forward and Power Forward), and 1 center. There is 5 people on each team on the court at a time.

How does basketball start?

A game of basketball starts with what is called a 'jump ball'. Two players will stand in the circle at the center of the court. One of the referees will toss the ball up in the air between the two players. They will jump up and try to tip the ball to one of their teammates, And then shoot to the basket, If its possible to win. :)

In basketball what is the position for each player?

the two people in the front of the court on defense or on offense is called a quard the person who brins the ball down on offense is called the point guard the two people playing down low are called forwards and usually the tallest person on the court plays in the center which is called the center in defense and offense

What you called a basketball ground?

A common name for a basketball ground would be a basketball court.

What is the stadium name of the Ohio state basketball court?

The Schottenstein Center

Who is is traditionally the tallest player on the court in basketball?

It's usually the Center.

What does a center do in basketball?

bring the ball down the court and in most cases defend the other teams center.

What is basketball field called?

A court