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Theres been a few. . . See Taylormade Golf website - Vintage clubs for full datails.

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Q: What is the chronological order of Taylor Made drivers?
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What does the brand Taylormade Rescue sell?

Taylor Made is a retailer that sells a variety of golfing equipment. At Taylor Made one can find golf balls, putters, and a variety of golf clubs and drivers.

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From where could one purchase a Taylor Made Driver?

There are several places in order for one to purchase a Taylor Made Driver. However, one might want to look for some website to check the information beforehand such as justshoopok, taylormadegolf, or golf.

Who owns Taylor-Made Golf?

Taylor Made Golf (not to be confused with any other company called "Taylor Made") was the brainchild of Gary Adams. Taylor Made Golf is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adidas-Salomon Group, with Mark King acting as the currrent CEO and President of Taylor Made Golf.