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The Bishop moves diagonally.

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Q: What is the chess piece that moves diagonally?
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Which chess piece moves diagonally only?

That would be the bishop.

Which chess piece moves diagonally?

The Bishop only moves diagonally. The King and Queen can also move in this direction. As can a pawn when it takes another piece.

Does every piece in chess have to capture diagonally?


Which chess piece should only be moved diagonally?

The bishop .

Which chess piece can only move diagonally?

The bishop may only move diagonally in any direction back and forth across the chess board.

Which piece moves only diagonally on the board?

The Bishop .

What is the function of bishop in chess?

A bishop in chess can move diagonally in any direction as the path is not obstructed by another piece.

What is the function of the bishop in chess?

A bishop in Chess can move diagonally in any direction as the path is not obstructed by another piece.

What is something that moves a chess piece?

A human hand.

What chess piece only moves forward?

the pawns

Which chess piece has the greatest choice of moves?

The Queen. When standing at the centre of the chess board the Queen can reach 14 squares in horizontal / vertical directions and 13 squares diagonally, totalling 27 choices of movement (assuming no obstructions).

In chess if a pawn is blocked and there is no piece to capture can it go diagonally?

No, it cannot move unless it can capture or the blocking piece is moved out of the way.

How do you play chess and how to play checkers?

for information about chess, go to on the top, you should see learn, so click on it, and you should see rules and basics.checkers: pieces moves diagonally. when you get to the other side of the board, you get your piece gets to be a king.

Which piece in chess captures differently than it moves?

The Knight .

Opponent moves your piece in chess do you win?

yes that is cheatin

What chess piece moves only unidirectional?

i guess the soldier

What happens in chess if the king moves into a position which it can be hit?

if the king moves into a position which it can be hit and the player has taken his fingers of the chess piece than the other player (if they have a chess piece that can hit the king) can hit the king

How does the queen move in chess?

Vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Like any other piece except from the knight (horse).

In the game chess what is the special exception of taking en-passant?

En-passant happens when the opponent moves a pawn up two squares, and only the turn immediately after the pawn moves, next to one of your pawns. Then, you take diagonally to the unoccupied space behind his/her pawn and remove his piece. It is the only chess move where the capturer does not take the opponent's piece's place.

How do you start the game of chess?

the person playing as white moves a piece.

How does the queen in chess capture?

A queen in chess can move any number of squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally as far as the path is not obstructed by another piece. After capturing a piece in opposite color, the queen should be placed on the same square the piece was placed.

What is a found check in chess games?

A founded check is when a piece in the middle of the king and the piece moves away.

Is it possible to attack a chess piece with a pawn diagonally?

Diagonal attacking is the only way a pawn can capture another chess piece , besides a En Passant capture , since this is the only way a pawn can attack or threaten another chessmen . See related link below to additional information on how a pawn moves , attacks and captures .

Which piece on a chess board moves on the same coloured squares?

The Bishop(s) .

Who is the queen in chess?

The piece to the left of the king at the start of the game. Can move diagonally, horizontally, and vertically. Is not able to jump over pieces.