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I saw on a website to unlock Richard Petty, the code is 232347.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-29 22:15:51
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Q: What is the cheat code to unlock Richard Petty in Nascar Kart Racing?
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How old was Richard Petty when he started racing in Nascar?

Richard Petty was 21 years old when he started racing in the Nascar Grand National Series.

What year did Richard Petty first start Nascar racing?

Richard Petty's first Nascar Grand National Series race was on July 18, 1958.

Where are the Richard Petty cheat codes for Nascar kart racing on Wii?

Many cheat codes are available for NASCAR Kart Racing on the Wii Console. The Richard Petty cheat codes are available online.

Who has the most wins in racing?

Richard Petty won 200 NASCAR races during his career.

Who is NASCAR driver Richard Petty's father?

Richard Petty's father was former Nascar champion Lee Petty.

When did Richard Petty retire from NASCAR?

Richard Petty retired following the 1992 Nascar season.

Where did Richard Petty start racing in the Nascar Cup Series?

Richard Petty's first Nascar Grand National Series race was on July 18, 1958 at Canadian Exposition Stadium in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How did Richard Petty get into racing?

His dad was in racing when Richard was a teenager.

Who is 'The King' in NASCAR?

Richard Petty is known as "The King" in Nascar.

How did Richard Petty die?

Former Nascar driver, Richard Petty, is still alive.

Who is Richard Petty?

Richard Petty's son is named Kyle Petty. He is a former Nascar driver and is currently a co-host for Nascar RaceDay on the SPEED channel.

What did Richard Petty do as a child?

Richard probably did things other boys in rural Randolph County, NC, did. Played sports, fishing and hunting. And, he hung around his father Lee Petty's racing shop while the elder Petty was helping build the Nascar racing circuit!

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