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The Champions League is the second-highest stage of club football, after the FIFA Clubs' World Cup, and it is the most prestigious stage of club football. It consists of the best performing teams in the top league of each member association of UEFA (Europe) playing a preliminary elimination match to round up the numbers, then a group stage and a knock-out stage, culminating in a final. This year's final will be held at New Wembley between Manchester United and Futbol Club Barcelona.

Other confederations have emulated the Champions League by starting their own, namely the North American and Asian confederations.

A similar tournament, the Europa League, is held between clubs which either qualified by reaching their domestic cups' final or were eliminated in the preliminary round of the Champions League, as well as a few of the teams that didn't qualify for the Champions League, but were in the domestic league spots immediately below the qualifier line. This year's Europa League final will be held in Dublin, between Sporting Clube de Braga and Futebol Clube do Porto.

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Q: What is the champions league in soccer?
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