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UEFA Champions League

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Q: What is the champions league called in Europe?
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Is the champions league national?

The Champions League, the club competition for soccer clubs in Europe, is international. Clubs from many different countries in Europe participate in it.

Which is the most prestigious cup in Europe?

Champions League.

Is Manchester united the best tem in the world?

Yes, Champions of England (Premier League), Champions of Europe (Champions League), Champions of the World (FIFA World Club Cup)

What sport is the champions league for?

The Champions league is for men and women's football, it is also known as the UEFA Champions League. They were founded in 1955 in Europe they have 32 groups stage teams and 77 total teams.

What is the champions league trophy called?

celtic fc champions cup

How many clubs in Europe have won champions league?

Man Utd Liverpool Notts Forrest on even won the European Cup, not the Champions League

How man times has LA Galaxy win the champions league?

LA galaxy is a US based " soccer" team and champions league is the most prestigious football league in Europe.

What are the three main club soccer competitions in Europe?

The Champions League. The Europa League. The Super Cup.

How many nationalities in champions league?

In UEFA, all of Europe's clubs WHO HAVE QUALIFIED.

Has a non premier league team played in Europe?

You must be qualified to play in the UEFA champions league europa league to play in europe so you have to be in the premier league if your an english team.

When will Atletico de Madrid win the Champions League?

tomorrow they are already the best of europe(and the world) the super champions cup :)

Where is the largest soccer game held every year?

Probably the Champions League final, where the winners become champions of Europe

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