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it should be around 6m

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Q: What is the ceiling height of a high school gym?
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What is the maximum ceiling height of an indoor gym?

There is no maximum height

What is the standard clear height from floor surface to structure or scoreboard in a basketball gym?

What is standard height of high school gym scoreboard

What is the standard ceiling height of a gym?

6 millions miles

What is a safe ceiling height for cheerleading?

It is best if the cheerleaders practice in the gym or some place where they have at least 5-7 metres ceiling.

What is the Height of a school gym?

how should we know

Is the Arobic Exercise Cardio Equipment Bouncer really suitable for indoor use?

The bouncer is typically only used indoors in a gym environment with proper safety equipment and high ceiling but given the appropriate amount of space and an adequate ceiling height, the Bouncer can be used in any indoor environment.

Smallest high school gym?

Until 2003 Dietrich Idaho had a pretty small gym. Heard it was class for its time. Could not shoot three pointers from side and players inbounding were sitting on spectators laps. Last year playing north bleachers moved so coaches and players were on other side of fans. When built did not have 12 foot ceiling with 10 foot basket. High ceiling. Thing is School outgrew it and it was not popular even among people that went to school in Dietrich. Glad part of school was demolished and new classrooms built there.

What is the smallest high school gym in Virginia?

i know that its a small gym

Does a junior high size gym have two basketball courts?

That depends what school you are going to and if your school has a gym.

How many laps around a high school gym makes a 800 meter?

It is about 6 times around estimating that a high school gym is bigger than a middle school gym. So for a middle school gym it would be about 4 times to go around to make a quarter of a mile so estimating it you should at least go around a high school gym 3 times to make to make quarter of a mile

What is the biggest high school gym in the world?

In terms of seating capacity it would be the Gym at New Castle High School in New Castle, Indiana, with 9,314 seats.

Do you have to take gym in high school?


Do you have to have gym to pass high school?


What is a high school gym teachers salary?

After some research, the average high school gym teacher earns $32000 to $75000 a year depending on how many years of experience they have.

How high does an indoor volleyball court need to be?

if your talking about a celing then the height of a gym at a elementary or middle school. if yuor talking about the hieght of the net then i varys from age group to age group

How big is Tomales high school gym?


How much does high school gym teacher get?


What are some of the activities you had to do in your high school gym class?

There are some activities which are common to all in high school gym class. These are mainly warm-up exercises . These also include stretching exercises.

If You Have Epilepsy And Cant Do Gym Will You Fail High School?

No. You would just need to let the school know and get a letter from your doctor to tell the school that you cannot participate in gym work.

How many gym class do you need to graduate high school?

This depends on where you go to high school. At my high school, you only need to talk a health and physical education class.

How many hours of gym do you need to graduate high school NY?

Depends on the school, you usually need only one gym or health class. I recommend that you take gym and or health in your freshman year

Do you have to take showers in high school?

like in Gym? Not in my school, we don't even have to change. Hope this helps Erm :)

Is Normandy high school in parma haunted?

my friends sister goes to Normandy high school. once she told me a story about a cheerleader .her name is unknown. she was a cheerleader at Normandy. one day she was practicing a cheer routine in her school gym. the ceiling tiles were was really loose and fell on her head. she died that day.there are woods behind that school. people still say that when they are outside of the school by the woods, they hear her calling their name and\or her telling them secrets about her disappearance.

What banners hang in the high school musical gym?


George's high school gym teacher on Seinfeld was?

Mr. Heyman