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He committed suicide, sadly. He shot himself after a motorcycle accident had ended his Wrestling career. Actually, His career was not ended with a motorcycle accident. He continued wrestling for nearly 6 years with an amputated foot, and kept it a secret from all of us. He comitted suicide after getting busted with illegal painkillers and drugs. I suppose the thought of prison, letting the fans and family down, and being exposed as an amputee were more than he thought he could deal with at the time. This is just my own opinion on Kerry's addiction and suicide and I'm aware fans, wrestlers, and wrestling insiders are gonna disagree. I feel that Kerry became addicted when he started to get some celebrity at a young age and couldn't handle the pressure and being a celebrity I feel doctors and fans were taking advantage of his celebrity and who his father was. His addiction became worse after his brother David died and his accident taking his right foot. I dont like the fans, wrestlers, or insiders blaming his parents. I rather blame the people supplying him w/ the drugs that let to his depression and suicide. Lisa Robinson ANSWER It late 1982, Kerry was arrested in San Antonio for having cocaine in his suitcase at the airport. No charges were ever filed against him. Kerry's drug problem clearly began very early on and nothing was done to stop him from destroying himself. Interviews with many former wrestlers and most notably Jim Cornett all said that other wrestlers didn't want to go to Fritz and tell him to get control of Kerry. They were concerned that they would not be able to wrestle in the promotion. In 1986, Kerry was involved in a serious motorcycle accident which knocked him out of wrestling for almost two years. When he returned, it was clear that his foot was not normal because the boot he wore was much larger. Kerry would obviously return to the ring and continue to wrestle until his death in 1993. Kerry's addiction to pain killers seems to have developed after the motorcycle accident since he was having to deal with the pain of wrestling on a leg without a foot. It had to be extremely painful and I dare say that anyone in that position would require large amounts of painkillers. Unfortunately, he was taking Vicodin which as we know now is addictive especially with sustained use. Although, I don't blame his family for his death, it is a good lesson for family's who have members that are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Kerry was in serious need of an intervention about his drug addiction and he could have been helped if someone had stepped forward to help him. It is very sad.

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Q: What is the cause of Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich's death?
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