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Anfield was built in 1884 and holds 45, 362 people. It is home to Liverpool FC but from 1884-92, Everton (liverpools rivals) played there. From 1892 onwards, Liverpool have always played there.

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Q: What is the capacity of Liverpool stadium?
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What is the capacity of Liverpool football club stadium?

Anfield has a capacity of 45,362.

What is the capacity of the Anfield Stadium from Liverpool?

Anfeild Stadium is a football stadium located in Anfield, Liverpool England. This stadium has 4 stands, Spion Kop, Main Stand, Centenary Stand and Anfield Road. Anfield open in 1884 and is owned by Liverpoll F.C., that stated capacity is 45,545. Record capacity is 61,905 well over the limit, in 1952 for the match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Plans to replace Anfield with 60,000 capacity stadium in adjacent ot Stanley Park were in 2002.

What is the capacity of anfield?

Liverpool Football Club's stadium, known as Anfield, seats approximately 45,525 fans.

Where is the Anfield Stadium located?

Anfield Stadium is a football stadium located in Anfield,Liverpool, England which has a seating capacity of 45,525. It has been the home of Liverpool, F.C. since their formation in 1862. It was originally the home of Everton F.C. from 1884 to 1892 when they moved to Goodison Park.

How many people can fit in Liverpool stadium?

45,276 people can fit in Anfield, Liverpool FC's stadium.

What is the capacity of Umuganda Stadium?

The stadium has a capacity of 5,000 spectators.

What is the capacity of Wimbledon Tennis stadium?

The capacity of the stadium is 15,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the capacity of Reebok Stadium?

The stadium has a capacity of 28,723 people.

What is the capacity of nyayo stadium?

The capacity of Nyayo stadium is 30,000.

Is Liverpool's stadium the stadium of light?

No that's Sunderlands, Liverpools stadium is Anfield

Who are the largest football clubs in England?

In terms of stadium capacity Old Trafford (Manchester United; 75,797 capacity), followed by Emirates Stadium (Arsenal; 60,361 capacity), then St James' Park (Newcastle United. 52,409). In terms of the richest is is probably Arsenal. followed by Chelsea and then Liverpool. In terms of rankings - success, fan size base and influence then it is probably Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and then Chelsea.

What is the name of liverpool stadium?


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