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fault footfault out

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Q: What is the call when a tennis foul occurs?
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In tennis what is an illegal serve called?

A fault.

What is one violation that typically occurs when you have the ball in bowling?

a foul

What do you call a foul ball that your friend hits?

No matter who hits it, it's a foul ball.

What do you call a person that play tennis?

tennis player

In major league baseball is a foul ball considered a strike?

Unless the foul occurs on the second strike, in which nothing is called then yes.

Does black ball get returned to table 8 ball pool after a foul?

If the black 8 ball is the object ball and a foul occurs during the shot, the game is over. This foul is loss of game.

What is the minimum height of a pop up foul tip to be out?

There is no minimum height associated with a foul tip - a foul tip is defined as a foul ball which is caught by the catcher without contacting anything else. If it occurs with two existing strikes, the batter is out.

Is there another name for foul line in basketball?

Some folks call the foul line the charity stripe.

What do they mean when they call it seed in tennis?

It's basically rankings in Tennis.

What is the tool for tennis?

Tool for playing tennis usually call tennis racket. There are a lot of types and brands of modern tennis rackets.

What is love in tennis score?

The word love in tennis is a corresponding call in scoring of it and the meaning of love in tennis is 0.

What happens when you turn foul sliders up in nba 2k11?

Probably any type of defense you play, the ref will call a foul.