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So long as he's inside his box - it's fine. If he steps outside his box and picks up the ball, it's a blatant hand-ball, resulting in a penalty kick for the opposition.

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Q: What is the call if a goalie picks up the ball from his own teams pass?
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A hand ball in soccer is called when it touches what part of your body?

Your hand to your shoulder. This call can also go against the goalie if he or she picks up the ball out side the goal box (that big box around the goal, for people that don't know what I'm typing about).

What do you call it when the goalie stops the ball from going in his net?

Theirs no specific term for this. A lot of people call it a "save".

What do you call the players on hockey teams?

centerman wingman(right wing left wing) defenseman and goalie .

What is the call when a batter who just walked picks up the loose ball with runners on base?

It is a dead ball it doesn't matter.

What do the linesmen do in soccer?

The linesmen call offside on the teams and they also call if the ball is out of bounds

What is the call when a defensive player passes the ball back to the goalie and they pick it up?

an indirect freekick is given to the opposing team from where the keeper handled the ball

What you call the man who picks the waste from the road?

We call waste man who picks the waste from the road

What do you call the players in a baseball team?

Ball Players . . .

Is the runner out if the first baseman drops the ball but then places his other hand over the ball while the ball is lying on the ground before the runner reaches first base.?

The first baseman must "have control of the ball". If his hand is on it pinning it to the ground, the call is safe. If he picks it up or in any other way, shows he/she has "control" of the ball, the call is out.

What restart would the referee call if the goalie fell down with a cramp when he was holding the ball in soccer?

If the referee must stop the game specifically for an injury, the restart is a drop ball. Whether the opposing team actually opposes this drop ball is not required.

Did NJ ban dodge ball in public schools?

yes. they just call it different names now though. In Cape May, NJ they call it Caper Ball. In West Deptford, NJ they call it Hand Ball and change the rules a bit so it's like dodgeball except you also have a goalie who is immune to being out and a goal to protect.

If a fly ball rolls under the outfield fence and the fielder picks up the ball and throws it in before it has been verified what is the correct call?

It's either a ground rule double or the runner gets the next base.

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