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Q: What is the bucket curling force?
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Related questions

Why can you not lift a bucket of water without holding it?

because there is no force applied on the bucket

What are examples of centripitel force?

roller coaster, when you put water in a bucket and swing the bucket in circles and the water will stay in the bucket

What is it called when you you swing a bucket of water but the water stays in the bucket?

Well, if I am correct the water in the bucket stays in there because of inertia and centripetal force. The water wants to come out of the bucket but inertia prevents the water to come out of the bucket. That is all I know I don't know how centripetal force helps the water stay in the bucket though. Hoped this helped you a bit.

What is an example of centrifugal force?

Imagine this, or do it: Fill a bucket with water, pick it up and start to spin in place, letting the bucket swing away from your body (don't let go of it). If you spin fast enough, the bucket will be on its side, yet the water will not pour out. That force that holds the water in the bucket is centifugal force.

A curling rock slides to a stop due to the force of friction Is this force of frictiion a contact force or a force at a distance?

The force of friction is a contact force. An example of a force at a distance would be gravity.

Why doesn't water in a bucket fall when it is vertically rotated?

Because the centripetal reaction force of the rotating bucket exceeds the force of gravity attempting to pull the water out.

What is of the force pulling the bucket down?


How do you make a model on centripetal force using water bucktes?

Make a hole in the bottom center of a bucket, fill the bucket with water, move bucket in a steady circular motion, then let it go...

Name the forces acting on a plastic bucket containing water held above the ground level in your handdiscuss why the forces acting on the bucket do not bring change in its state of motion?

If it is held stationary, there will be the downward force of gravity, and the upward (normal) force from your hand. The reason that the bucket does not move is because the forces are equal and opposite.

How many pounds of force is it to push a 5 gallon bucket under water?

If the bucket is empty, and sealed so that no water can get in it, then it takes 41.8 pounds (minus the empty weight of the bucket) to completely submerge it.

What do you put in front of curling with Le du de lu in French?

Le curling (masculine noun): J'aime le curling (I like curling) Du curling: j'ai fait du curling (I played curling)

How do the laws of motoin affect curling?

Friction can slow down a rock and the speed of the rock depends on the force you exert.

What is the Name for a curling match?

A curling match is simply called a curling match. A bonspiel is a curling tournament.

What can hold a greater volume of water than a mug?

a bucket...

Who evented curling?

Curling was invented in Scotland in the 1500's, and the World Curling Federation--the governing body of curling--is still based there. Curling was brought to Canada by Scottish immigrants in the 1800's, and Canada is now where curling is most popular.

What are the main pieces of equipment in curling?

the main pieces you need for curling are a good pair of curling shoes, curling gloves, a slider for your shoe, and a broom, the rocks are provided by the curling arena.

Is there any work done when a person takes a bucket to some distance?

The question is incomplete. If the bucket is taken in a horizontal plane then no work is done If the bucket is taken in an inclined plane then work has to be done against force of gravity

What force would stop a ball from rolling?

I don't know just get me a bucket of fried chicken.

What would happen if you'd put the lid on the bucket with baking soda and vinegar?

Baking soda reacts with vinegar to create carbon dioxide. This build up of gas will cause the pressure in the bucket to increase. If this pressure becomes high enough it will force the lid from the bucket.

When a brick is lowered into a bucket full of water some of the water spills out over the sides why does it happen?

Why it happens because the mass of the brick is heavy and the force apon it is because of its weight and it makes it float and spills out of the bucket.

How do you say are you curling tonight?

If you mean 'curling (your hair)': Are you curling tonight = Ensortijas anoche? If you mean the game of curling (on ice), there is no Spanish equivalent, so you'd have to say: Juegas a 'curling' anoche = Are you playing at 'curling' tonight?

Who won silver for curling for the Olympics at 2010?

in woman's curling it was Canada and in men's curling it was Norway

If you spun a bucket of beads above your head nothing would fall out is that Gravity or Friction?

Centrifugal force

Is silver in a curling iron?

No. A curling iron does NOT have silver in it!!.. There are silver curling irons but there are no curling irons with silver in them!

Is curling dangerous?

curling is dangerous because the rock can slide o you foot and you can trip on the rock as your curling