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.68. Almost all guns are this caliber.

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Q: What is the bt4 combat paintball guns calliber?
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Will tippmann e trigger fit on a bt4 paintball gun?


Does bt4 paintball gun have the same threads as TM 15 paintball gun?

No. The Bt4 uses A5 threads, and the Tm 15 (a modified invert mini) uses Autococker threads.

What the best paintball gun to customize?

Any of the Tippmann/BT4 guns have the most aftermarket parts. not only barrels, internals and electronics, but outer grips, shrouds and other aesthetic parts.

Will the tippmann a5 handle fit on bt4 paintball gun?

No It uses a screw on the top that goes into the a5, the bt4 uses a rail system. Besides the Bt-4 already comes with a better hand-grip then the A5.

Will a bt4 handle fit on a tippmann a5 paintball gun?

No. The Tippmann handle is screwed on from the bottom, where the bt is held on s rail.

Is sw1 paintball gun a good gun?

It will preform the same as the bt4 and the tippmann 98. It is a beginner marker, so compared to the entire market it is not "good" I is however an excellent starter marker.

Is Dragon Ball Z bt4 out?


Is there a dbz bt4?

yes, it is called dragonball : raging blast

How do you put a m-16 barrel on a bt4 combat?

At the end of the barrel there are a series of threads. First and foremost the threads have to match. If they do not, you could strip the threads and make the marker useless. From here simply screw the barrel in till it becomes snug.

Can you create characters in dbz bt 3?

No, but maybe you can in dbz bt4

Is the t9 elite paint marker better than the bt4 assault?


What class level is a BT4 considered?

In hazardous areas where explosive chemicals and reactions take place, motors with a class level of BT4 are considered ideal. Their tough exterior make them resistant to violent jostling.