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the St Andrews bridge

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Q: What is the bridge on st Andrews golf course called?
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Which golf course is called the home of golf?

This is not where golf was created, but St. Andrews Golf Links (Old) is considered the home of golf.

What was the first golf course?

The first golf course was St. Andrews in Scottland

What is the full name of St Andrews golf course?

The Old Course at St Andrews

Golf course name of st Andrews?

The world famous The Old Course, St. Andrews- the home of golf. There are many courses at St. Andrews, but this is the main one.

What was the name of the first golf course?

Saint Andrews, it's the first golf course ever and it's in Scotland.

Golf was the first played in which country?

Scotland. The world's oldest golf course is Saint Andrews.

Where is the royal and ancient golf course?

St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.

Famous golf courses in Scotland?

St. Andrews Old Course

Where is st Andrews golf course?

St Andrews Golf Course is in Scotland United Kingdom. There are seven golf courses in St Andrews itself and many more in the surrounding area. The most famous of these is the Old Course, others include the New Course, Jubillee, Eden, Balgove, Strathtyrum and Castle courses, each requiring a different level of skill.

Where is St Andrews golf course located?

St. Andrews Scotland is the home of the Royal and ancient golf course. It is one of the oldest golf courses in the world and one of the most respected. It has been the home of the British Open for many years.

Where was the first golf course?

The first golf course built is in Saint Andrews, Scotland. It is one of the most difficult courses known today.

Name the oldest golf coarse in SCOTLAND?

St Andrews Old Course.

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