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Its called Uvula.

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it is so helpfull to punch something

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Q: What is the boxing bag thing in the back of throat?
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What is the medical term for the punching bag in the back of the throat?

you mean your uvula? :-) yes, that is the little dangly thing.........

What is the punching bag in the back of throat?

It's called the Uvula.

What is the thing in between your tonsils?

That thing in the back of the throat that resembles a punching bag is called the uvula. Its main job is to keep debris out of the sinuses. There is an opening behind it, and when you swallow, the uvula gets pushed over the hole.

What is the difference between bag boxing gloves and fight boxing gloves?

Bag Gloves have harder padding and are usually cheaper. Make sure you do not spar with bag gloves.

What is the site of tonsils?

The tonsils are in the back of your mouth, technically in the pharynx. If you look in the mirror, they are those curvy parts of tissue that are on either side of your uvula. (the punching bag looking thing that hangs from your soft palate)

What sport is well known for the use of a punch bag for training?

Boxing is most commonly associated with the use of a punching bag for training. Both the heavy bag and the speed bag are considered part of a basic boxing training routine.

How much weight is required for a boxing bag for a boxer at initial stage?

A boxing bag for a beginner should be equal or less than the weight of the person using it.

Boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves are the essntial part of boxing and mma fight without them you can not play both of them

Does boxing take stress away?

No - But training with a heavy bag does.

What are body parts that start with the letter u?

ulnus (bone in the arm), uvula (thing that hangs down at the back of the throat that in cartoons is used as a punching bag), ureter (part of the urinary tract system), urethra (part of the urinary tract system)

What is a good brand of boxing gloves and heavy bag for a beginner?


What is the punching bag thing that hangs down in the back of the throat?

Q:how many people have 2 uvials in the whole world ? A:there are 5 in the whole world who are gifted with two uvials and 1 of those people is kristiana martinez and dhe was discovvered by the doctors